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What is needed from a new LIC user?


Fill out completely and read Application form.

Form has to be signed by you and your boss!

Contact LIC by mail ( or phone (ph. 203-97132) to set an appointment

Read before you come to the first introduction:
Usage conditions (en)

Acknowledgement of the LIC

The maintenance of core facilities depends also on proper acknowledgement in publications and in grant writing. For scientists who made use of our instruments you will find here some general examples how to acknowledge us.





Benutzer-Ordnung/Usage Conditions (en)




Acknowledgement of LIC


Depending on your status at the University you need a different kind of Uni-Card, which means a different type of PDF form has to be filled out:

Students at the University, who pay Semestergebühren should already have a Uni-Card.:

Employee University:
Antrag für Unicard von Unimitarbeitern - P011.pdf

Employee Vorklinik:
MitarbeiterInnen aller Einrichtungen der medizinischen Fakultät erhalten kostenfrei eine UniCard-Gastkarte. Senden Sie dazu ab Vertragsbeginn eine formlose Email an

Employee Clinics and Guests at the University and all other users:
Antrag auf eine personalisierte Gastkarte.

Further information about the Uni-Card can be found under the following links:

If you have up to now no account from the Rechenzentrum or the Klinikrechenzentrum for computer use. You have to apply here for an ID. Please read and follow the instructions there.


Hope to see you soon for the first introduction on the microscopes.

If you have any questions regarding the LIC application do not hesitate to contact us by mail ( or phone.





Antrag P011-UNI (de)




Antrag Gastkarte(de)

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